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Inception and Visionary Leadership

Founded in August 15, 2018, by Praveen Madhavan, Zitraar Technologies was born from a decade at ZOHO. Praveen's passion led to significant contributions, like founding Zoho Schools in Tenkasi. Zitraar isn't just a venture; it's Praveen's dream to nurture talents in rural India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. This section shares our journey from ZOHO to Zitraar, showcasing the visionary leadership that drives our commitment to talent enrichment and community development.

Our Story: A Journey of Impact

Discover Zitraar's roots in Chitraar, a commitment beyond profit, and our cultural ethos. Explore inspirations from industry icons, leadership values, and our pledge to rural development.


Unveiling the origin of Zitraar, our name derives from "Chitraar," a tributary of the Tamirabarani River originating from the majestic Courtallam Falls. Symbolizing growth and impact, our journey parallels the nurturing flow of this river.

A Social Enterprise

Zitraar isn't just a business; it's a social enterprise inspired by pioneers like ISRO, Zoho, Isha Foundation, Infosys, and Tata. Our purpose goes beyond profit, focusing on sustainable growth, rural development, and providing equitable opportunities.

Rural Roots

Our story is intricately woven into the fabric of Tenkasi and Nagercoil. These aren't just geographical locations; they are the core of our operations, steering our commitment to rural upliftment and growth.

Aram - The Culture

Experience the heartbeat of Zitraar with ZitAram—a culture that goes beyond routine. It's a driving force, fueling our dedication to Not-For-Profits through initiatives like ZitAcad and ZitDPro. Our culture thrives on innovation, commitment, and fostering social impact.

Inspiration and Influences from Industry Leaders

Inspiration and Influences 

​Industry Leaders

Our Leaders

Discover a management style that encourages responsibility, innovation, and trust in our team's expertise without micro-management.

Praveen Madhavan

Founder & Catalyst in Chief


Co-Founder & Operations in Chief

Our Partnerships

Our partners play a major role in increasing our Growth and performance of Zitraar.

Our Valuable Clients

Discover the esteemed companies that have partnered with Zitraar on their journey to success.